Jesus and Leadership

He is referred as the son of God and His time here on earth was a worthwhile, people ought to be grateful for. Jesus was known to be a teacher and He taught people both sinners and believers to live by God's ways. With the teachings He gave, they made Him a leader and many emulated good character from that. The characteristics that made Him a leader and us as individuals learn from that are;

He was a team builder, this was seen when he first enlisted his first disciples. Neither of them questioned each other's background they took up the job and followed the guidelines given to them. Such an act is important for any leader who is willing to share a mutual attribute or morals with people. So as to establish the stability before diversity or conflicts, a leader should be keen on trying to bring together a group of people who apprehend each other.

Jesus engaged calamities face-to-face. When people had the tendency of having disagreements like the issue of the Sabbath, He gave a meaningful response that solved the misunderstanding. For a leader it is important to approach any crisis head-on and take on what others dread.

He was all about authorizing others. His entire ministry was based on that because all He wanted was to bring out the best in everyone. An upright leader should be willing to be portray good examples to their people without any conflicts arising. Learn how to be a great employee here!

The importance of prayer was emulated by Him. At any given time Jesus was found praying, He would isolate Himself just to go ray. He strongly encouraged both his disciples and others to engage themselves in prayer. For anyone who is willing to take up the leadership role should know the importance of prayer, for this kind of act can empower us to be better people.

He never self-promoted himself. While he was evangelizing the gospel, he did it as God's servant. He was humble and was ready to serve God's people. Leadership should be conducted through such an act. It should be known that submission to your followers is doesn't mean weakness.   

Other characteristics of a being a good leader are; be a relationship builder, one should be able to have simplicity and directness, obedience is also a virtue. With such features that Jesus had, shows a strong sign of what strong leadership is defined to be. These attributes are attainable to a leader when one wants to establish a strong team. Know how to build your reputation here!